What DR HELP Means to Me 

Every time someone asks me why I am so excited to go on our international service trips, one answer jumps to the forefront of my mind. I return a better student with a desire to be a better physician in every way. Each trip that I have been lucky enough to experience has renewed in me the importance of the human aspect of medicine. As I return, I rededicate myself to learning each new patient’s story armed with the knowledge to them this is the most important visit of the day, and I should treat it as such. The camaraderie of the students, the interactive teaching of the attendings, and the humility and joy of our patients all serve to remind me why this is the profession I love.” – Dr. Matt Brown, Class of 2015

“I could not have asked for a more rewarding educational experience during my first year of medical school. I often say that I learned more in one week in the DR than I did during my entire first year of medical school, which is only a slight exaggeration. On the first day of clinic, I quickly appreciated the struggles a mobile medical trip faces when trying to address the diverse needs of an underserved community, and the ingenious solutions a team can develop to meet those needs. More importantly, the sense of community I felt amongst a group of people committed to increasing the quality of life of other was inspiring, and continues to be a guiding force in my medical education.” – Alice Abernathy, Medical Student

“Driving back through the mountains, I realized the remarkable impression the beauty of the Dominical Republic and its people left on me. Amidst all the poverty and ailments, the people taught me an important truth about life: it is not the commodities we enjoy but the people that surround us who bring true joy. The happiness on the faces of the children we played with and the people we cared for was unparalleled. They were not simply happy because of the medicine or treatments they received but because we were there giving fully and unselfishly of ourselves to understand and comfort them. This experience was a very important part in my medical education and will continue to play a large role in shaping me as a physician.” – Lauren Correa, Medical Student

“I traveled to the DR expecting to find people who are unhappy with their lives because they don’t have all the luxuries that we have in the U.S.  Instead, I found that they are, in fact, happier than me.  They are more appreciative of the things they are given.  They are satisfied by the smallest pleasures in life- those that we often take for granted.” – Jen R., Medical Student

“On DR Help, we get to provide much needed medical care and compassion to the wonderful people who live in the rural communities we visit.”
– Alex Monaco, Medical Student

“This trip with DR HELP was my most rewarding experience in medical school up to this point. We helped so many people in need, and it gave me the unique hands-on opportunity to observe and practice all of the things we have been learning about in medical school.” – Marcos Mills, Medical Student