What We Do

International Outreach

DR HELP represents a tremendous humanitarian effort to serve the most needy people of the Dominican Republic. The trip also provides an unparalleled educational experience for medical and pharmacy students interested in international medicine. 

With the continuing globalization of industry, economy, and especially health issues, we recognize the importance of understanding health problems and policies in neighboring countries. We aim to increase our awareness of health care in Latin America by working with physicians and medical students who serve patients in the Dominican Republic. By participating in health care in the Caribbean, we will see conditions and treatment that differs from our cloistered experiences at the University of Florida.

Build Spanish Language Skills

The increasing numbers of Hispanic immigrants into the United States ensures that we will be treating Spanish speaking patients as part of our daily practices. As preparation for our trip, we aim to improve our medical Spanish vocabulary by performing mock interviews with Spanish speaking surrogate patients. Moreover, working with patients in the Dominican Republic will reinforce and enhance our medical Spanish communication skills.